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Drone at Benthall HallVirtual Shropshire holds a Permission For Commercial Operation (formerly Permission For Aerial Work) certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.  All flights are conducted in accordance with the Air Navigation Order and we are fully insured for commercial aerial work. Our CAA PFCO/PFAW reference is 1090.

It is illegal to operate commercial drone flights without (EC) 785/2004 compliant drone insurance. 

Our pilot is Virtual Shropshire owner Paul Hutchinson, assisted by trained observers Maggie, Sue and Sabine. Paul has been flying drones since 2013 and acquired his commercial qualification in July 2015.

Flight Safety

Safety is our prime consideration for all flights. We undertake a series of procedures to ensure each flight can be conducted without risk to persons or property. These include risk assessments, site surveys, pre flight checks etc. During the flight our trained observers will ensure members of the public are kept at a safe distance from the area of operation.

What can we do

Our aircraft can stay airborne for 20+ minutes – we normally operate several flights for each project. It is capable of taking 4k / HD video and 20 megapixel photographs. We can switch between video & photo during flight.

We can fly over, around and close to properties subject to the rules below.

Most rural properties are suitable for drone photography. Flying in towns or ‘congested areas’ is a bit more restricted but is possible in certain circumstances. 

What we can’t do

Drone operation in the UK is governed by a strict set of rules under the Air Navigation Order. For example we are not usually allowed to fly:

  • over or within 150 metres of an open-air assembly of more than 1,000 persons.
  • higher than 400 feet above our take-off point.

All drone pilots, both professional and amateur, must abide by these rules. Failure to do so can lead to a criminal prosecution.

Post flight – video & photo editing

Basic photo processing is included in the cost. We can also create panorama type images if required (a series of photos stitched together). See our photo gallery for examples.

Video editing is available for an extra charge

Add more

If you are looking for a package solution we also offer conventional video production and photography services which can be combined into an ‘all angles’ promotional film.


Drones are used in a vast range of applications including:

Tourism promotion

Event recording

Land mapping & surveys

Roof inspections

Estate agents / property sales

Farm management

News reporting

Drama & documentary films

Want to know more?

Contact Paul Hutchinson via info@dronerangers.co.uk or 07512 827435


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