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Drone Mapping and Aerial Surveys

Working with our expert survey partner LandScope Engineering Ltd we are now able to offer integrated survey solutions covering above ground, below ground, and even underwater!  Potential outputs include everything from basic 2d othomosaic maps to complex 3d models. 

2d Mapping

Below is a basic othomosaic 2d map created of the Oswestry Old Racecourse Common for Shropshire Council’s Outdoor Recreation department. As you can see it is overlaid on top of an existing Google map so you can see any differences. You can zoom in and out by using the ‘+’ & ‘-‘ buttons. You can also use the line, polygon, square and circle tools to measure distances and volumes. Right click anywhere on the map to get longtitude and latitude!

3d Modelling

Using our DJI Phantom 4 RTK with Ground Control Points and working with our survey partner LandScope Engineersing we are able to produce complex 3d models with accuracies of just a few centimetres.